European Lawyers Congress

The congress has been organised by steering committees from representatives of local and national bars. Their findings on various subjects* will be debated during a plenary session in Brussels on 1 June with the presidents of all European local bars and chairmen of their national bar associations.

Thereafter, a declaration of intent will be drawn up in which the signatories undertake to strive towards a unified European code of conduct. All further undertakings can be confirmed in writing. It could be agreed upon that when a local or national bar, signatory of the declaration, wishes to change its rules, it informs the other signatories in advance of the intended change(s), allowing them to make suggestions (or adapt their rules) in order to unify professional rules.

*The steering committees will pay extra attention to the influence of Legaltech on the following topics:

  • the scope of the profession: e.g. the activities that lawyers are allowed to develop (such as: developer/provider of platforms) as lawyers or as an auxiliary activity
  • the fees such as: can contingency fees (‘no cure, no pay’) be accepted? can commissions be paid and if so, to whom? should there be a limit to contractual freedom (e.g. good faith)?
  • professional secrecy and the confidentiality of correspondence such as: enforceability or non-enforceability against investigating authorities
  • collaboration and third-party capital: i.e. with whom may a lawyer collaborate and under which form? what about the firms recognised abroad?
  • free topic: participants can propose (an) additional topic(s)